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4 year old girl shocked the medical staff immediately drove blood pressure parents to send their children to Hangzhou flower (a pseudonym) 4 years old this year, looks handsome, lively and lovely, a little girl that everyone loves. According to the plan, in September this year, the flower should start her life in the kindergarten. However, in the process of examination before admission, blood pressure measurements of high pressure and low pressure 160mmHg 200mmHg shocked the presence of all health care workers! The judgment standard of hypertension is 140 90mmHg, the flower of the high blood pressure to 200 160mmHg, this is the malignant degree. See the result, mom and dad drove immediately without demur, flowers from Jiaxing to Zhejiang children hospital. At the end of October, flowers do renal artery angioplasty surgery in children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Department of Cardiology, Zhejiang children hospital, little current blood pressure has been restored to normal. Children with congenital vascular dysplasia in the Department of Cardiology, Zhejiang children hospital, flower made CT examination, examination results let mom and dad unexpected: imaging examination showed that the flower on both sides of renal size have obvious difference, the development of the left renal artery stenosis, which is congenital abnormal results. The report also confirmed the deputy chief physician, director of Department of cardiology hospital medical department of Zhejiang University’s Wang Wei original judgment. Outpatient often see children with high blood pressure is mostly due to excessive growth and development, obesity, hypertension is a primary hypertension. Foreign literature shows that in the past 20 years, 13-18 years old children due to obesity caused by the high incidence of essential hypertension. You can see flowers when I found out that she is not fat, height and weight, and the normal 4 year old children as children, from the appearance, and not related to obesity, should belong to the secondary hypertension." Wang Wei said. "There are 80% pediatric hypertension belongs to the secondary, which has 80% nephrogenic diseases including hypertension, renal dysplasia, major vascular renal dysplasia, there is no doubt that the flower of hypertension belong to this category." Wang Wei added. After the operation the blood pressure are normal like flower such congenital renal vascular dysplasia cases, the incidence rate of less and less, even has a rich experience in the treatment of cardiovascular disease are Wang Wei called this rare disease in hypertension in children. A case of Wang Wei deep impression, five or six years ago, a small patient admissions he. The child was the symptoms of cramps, vomiting, in other places had been diagnosed with encephalitis, and later found to be caused by renal vascular disease secondary hypertension. How to treat hypertension caused by renal artery stenosis? To put it simply, it is the best way to keep the blood vessels narrow and keep the blood flowing. Inspection and evaluation, ICU care after a month in October 28th, before the operation, Wang Wei flower do renal artery angioplasty surgery. After the surgery, the results of CT examination, the original flower jam "no" vessels have images, blood pressure continued to decline. Yesterday morning, the flower of the mother to call Wang Wei "good news", said the flower has been restored to the normal level of blood pressure. Physical examination of children under the best measurement of blood pressure high pressure 200mmHg, low pressure 160mmHg, such blood pressure if placed in adult pressure相关的主题文章: