Chongqing man after drug to eat meals overlord ask store alarm 小坂めぐる

Chongqing: men eat King meal after the initiative to ask the owner of the alarm, this person not only actively asked the police, the police also found that this person also sucked poison. Eat meals overlord of customers, many restaurants are likely to encounter, Yubei District Shuangfeng road in a fish house has met a "high-profile" overlord meal diners. This person not only actively asked the police, the police also found that this person also sucked poison. Ask 7 alarm on the evening of 17, Yubei District Shuangfeng Road, a fish house into a 40 year old middle-aged man. The waiter gave him a warm drink, and the man ordered a pot of fish, four bottles of beer, and two packs of cigarettes. A person is leisurely, until he satiated, he called the waiter. But then, the customer said, but the waiter dumbfounding. "I don’t have any money. You can see it."!" The middle-aged man said nothing. The waiter immediately called the boss, the boss came, I saw the man sitting in the position of wine and gas, and also in the arms of the remaining a pack of high priced cigarettes, also not ready to leave, a pair of you take me no way to look like. "I’ve already said, I don’t have money, or you’ll call the police." Listen to the boss, people really think that this is a rogue, "diners eat idly without work", think of this man while away, not only afraid also offered the boss alarm, immediately took out his mobile phone to call 110. The man looked up and stood up, walking around the shop, more arrogant, not only disturb other customers dining, but also loud, drink for a while, smoking for a while. He also took drugs, Yubei police station arrived at the scene of the police, the man’s behavior was stopped, restored the normal dining room order. In front of the police, the man is still posing a "money, no death, there is a" posture: "I really do not have money, no money is not to give."." When the police verify the identity of men, found that the man has drug history. Police then brought the man back to the police station, the man did drug urine detection, the results were positive. For the men to eat meals overlord ", the police were criticized repeatedly on the man, then the man said, after looking for relatives and friends to borrow money to pay for the meal, and actively go out looking for work, on their own, will not eat meals overlord. (upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Tan Yao photography Gan Xiayi)

重庆:男子吸毒后吃霸王餐 主动要求店家报警 此人不但主动要求报警,民警随后还查明,这人还吸过毒。   吃霸王餐的顾客,许多餐馆都可能会遇到,可渝北区双凤路一家鱼府却遇上了一个“高调”的霸王餐食客。此人不但主动要求报警,民警随后还查明,这人还吸过毒。   主动要求报警   17日傍晚7点过,渝北区双凤路一家鱼府里走进来一位40岁左右的中年男子。服务员热情的招待了他,该男子点了一锅鱼,四瓶啤酒,还要了两包烟。一个人也显得悠闲惬意,等到他酒足饭饱后,便叫来服务员。但接下来,这位顾客说的话却让服务员哭笑不得。   “我身上一分钱也没有,你看着办吧!”中年男子满不在乎的说。服务员立即叫来了老板,老板赶来,只见该男子一身酒气的坐在位置上,怀里还揣着抽剩下的一包高价烟,也不准备离开,一副你拿我没有办法的样子。   “我已经说了,我没有钱,要不然你报警嘛。”老板一听,觉得这人真是无赖,一般“吃白食”的食客,都想着趁乱溜之大吉,这人不但不怕还主动要求报警,老板当即就拿出手机拨打了110。男子见状便站起身来,在店里四处溜达,更加嚣张,不仅扰乱其他顾客用餐,还大声喧哗,一会儿喝酒,一会儿抽烟。   他之前还吸毒   渝北两路派出所的民警赶到现场,对该男子的行为进行了制止,恢复了餐厅正常的用餐秩序。在民警面前,男子依然摆出一副“要钱没有要命有一条”的架势:“我确实没有钱,没有钱就是给不了。”   民警在核实男子身份时,发现该男子有吸毒史。民警随后将该男子带回派出所,对该男子做了毒品尿液检测,结果呈阳性。   对于男子“吃霸王餐”的事,民警对该男子进行了多次的批评教育,最后男子表示,事后找亲戚朋友借钱支付饭钱,并积极出去找工作,自食其力,以后再也不吃“霸王餐”了。   (上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 谭遥 摄影 甘侠义)相关的主题文章: