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The typical personality of British and American famous universities: attaches great importance to music education editor’s words: the author of this article is the education of the class origin, and the experience is very rich, in the United States and many famous universities to learn, visit. After observation, he summed up the elite of the two typical personality: attention to academic rigor and music education. Academic rigor ensures the students’ habit of continuous innovation, while playing music makes people feel the most advanced wisdom from the universe. Author: Fan Yafei, the United States and the United States have been a number of prestigious universities, so for the reasons for their famous famous experience. The United States Coast schools, I have been to California on the west coast of Berkeley, East Yale, Harvard, Brown, Princeton, and other big brother; I have been to Cambridge, British Oxford, love, LSE, plus I attended University of Sheffield. After learning and visiting so many famous schools, I have roughly summed up the two characteristics of the elite. These two personalities can be said to be the common features of the famous universities in the United States and the United States, but also the values of their schools! First, the greater the brand, the more rigorous the academic I am in the United Kingdom, thanks to the education of reading, often received requests for help, the cost is not cheap. I probably statistics, most of these messages are sent to the post 40 international students in the school. I have never received a request from an international student from Oxford or Cambridge to write a paper. I asked a friend who has been studying in Columbia for many years, the situation is almost the same as the United Kingdom, all day long to find people who are mostly not very good school students. No one can afford to lose the face of the famous school students, they think copying others, let others write is an insult to their own. British and American famous universities to write papers, research is almost No. The rigor of the thesis is the first standard to distinguish the quality of the University and the first character of the famous university. That is, the more famous university, the more rigorous academic. Our domestic universities have been very different, and academic rigor has a great relationship. You think, write a paper, a research cannot conscientiously, steadfast, work in the future, you can expect such careless four years, or even longer children, suddenly the gene mutation, becomes a very reliable working partner? I don’t believe. The good news is that I recently heard that the University of the country for heavy check seems to suddenly play really. If this is true, it is a good thing. Only academic rigor, in order to have academic innovation. The reason is very simple, the children do not copy, but reading and thinking, thinking and doing, then this work must be innovative! The West has been doing a good job of academic rigor since the beginning of axis culture. Especially after the Renaissance, the biggest contributor is a large outbreak of Western rigorous academic innovation. There is no innovation thesis can not graduate, there is no creative works can not be published. Western University Library, you just pick up a book from the shelves to see, there must be something new. The bookstore, you see, nine in ten is just east west copy by skeez. The goal of the whole education system is to train people to do the most basic good habits, so universities are generally more than domestic universities in China相关的主题文章: