Sichuan to build on the governance system of the wages of migrant workers directly by the contractor pp点点通2006

Sichuan to build on the management system of wages for migrant workers by the contractor to the direct payment of the full implementation of the construction process of settlement, the construction unit should according to the measurement cycle or the progress of the project settlement contract and payment of construction delay the project payment settlement or payment in arrears for more than 6 months of the unit, the relevant department shall not approve the construction of the new project in Washington (reporter Liu Chunhua) September 12th, provincial people club hall held a press conference on the wages of migrant workers in the implementation of the views of the comprehensive governance of the province’s recently published "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions ") interpretation. Provincial Department of human resources and social labor supervision department responsible person, in order to solve the problem of migrant workers wages from the source, the province has built the first nationwide in three departments, enterprises and local responsibility as the key link, in order to law enforcement, supervision, coordination, emergency, combat and other means, the source of governance as the main governance on the whole in the system, the country’s first general (special) package enterprises direct payment of wages of migrant workers responsibility system, clear the direct management responsibility for the general contracting enterprise of labor subcontracting enterprises, contractors, construction team leader labor, at the enterprise level to build a strong and effective source of governance mechanism. The system of governance in the "opinions" intensified, and refined, including projects and wages of migrant workers stripped, explore the establishment of construction project mortgage payment system, effectively solve the problem of construction payment in arrears. "Opinions" clear, the wages of migrant workers and the separation of engineering materials, accelerate the implementation of the wage of migrant workers by the general contracting enterprise commissioned by the direct distribution. "This is to solve the problem from the source." The person in charge of the project area is the key areas of migrant workers wages. From 2010 to 2015, the province’s annual special inspection results, construction enterprises and enterprise wages wages, the ratio of the total number of about 70% in both the number of migrant workers involved in building; wages, payment of wages of migrant workers and all the ratio of the number of up to 84% on average, far higher than other industry enterprises. But the main reason is the wages of migrant workers building construction labor subcontracting, labor subcontracting to migrant workers from the general personal, less will go through three steps, there are more than more than and 10 links. In the layers of subcontracting mode, the wages of migrant workers and engineering materials, from the "labor law" and adjust the scope of the "labor contract law", also lost the general contracting business or professional contracting enterprises the main responsibility for security directly. Once the occurrence of default payment responsibility, often to investigate and verify the dates back to more than a natural person and enterprise, in order to ultimately implement general contracting enterprises, to implement the responsibility and accountability of the hidden dangers, bring difficulty to the investigation and handling of cases. To pay the wages of migrant workers from the construction of the layers of the package to break out of the vortex, we must implement the project and wages of migrant workers, from the system and the physical realization of the effective separation between the two." The person in charge stressed. "Opinions" put forward, to standardize the project payment and settlement activities, in order to effectively solve the project in the project after final acceptance of the construction unit fails to complete the settlement or not make the payment according to the contract and did not clear the remaining project payment plan, explore the establishment of construction project mortgage payment system. "Effectively solve the project payment settlement, in order to solve the problem of arrears of wages of migrant workers is.".相关的主题文章: