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The flow of flowers and meat were staged on the screen is what? Wen Sina column deep water entertainment eight film and television circles yesterday was the actor’s Lei Hao’s birthday of 88, in the first place here to make up a belated birthday wishes: happy birthday to! Lei Hao is very low-key, only forwarded two micro-blog, thanks to a film magazine official Bo, a thank you once said that she is the author of China’s most underrated actress. Now more than a decade passed, the era of information explosion, the spotlight has long been speculation harassment Bo eyeball was all terribly fatigued, squandering charming eyes, can be regarded as one of the Chinese outstanding actress who, but a few hundred thousand fans. Coincidentally, deep eight Jun brush micro-blog yesterday to see such a sigh: I can not believe that when the film was shot Hao Leicai 23 years old, and now the age of 23 are playing what". 23 year old Lei Hao in the "young emperor", has been comparable to the old drama of bone deep acting, eight you can not help but think of this two small meat small flowers is not good when being criticized, there will be fans of Defense said "my XX is young, listening is hypnotized, it seems quite reasonable. Only a short while ago, 20 something girl guy to carry the beam with the old drama of bone have not lost the wind play is normal, and now the flow of partners, it is almost 30, in acting when fans Tucao said: "they are young, step by step." Yes, 22 year old Gong Li played the "Red Sorghum", Zhang Ziyi’s "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" is also 22 years old. Now almost 23 years old about flowers and little meat, some even read lines are not agile, but played every movie will have a lot of fans blowing and acting batch release. Twenty years old is the best age of life, some people choose precipitation, some people choose carnival. Old flowers large flowers, become a mainstay of the entertainment industry, now the flow of play extremely busy, but what are you busy doing? — I do not know than the split line — said "young emperor" this drama, there are people who still remember it from time to time. Indeed, the Qing drama gathered Deng Chao, Lei Hao, Huo Siyan, Rong Yang and other green tender actor, can be said to shoot the show, they are in the most beautiful years of life, the 23 year old Lei Hao of course is one of the most stunning dazzling role, the better for all the tiles, obsessed the palace woman, a haughty domineering side, unrestrained whims, born with a hot temper, love with young eyes in tit for tat, reveals a vicious child. But the real pain to the heart, hysterical when the enormous appeal will can’t help with the sympathy of the audience the deposed queen. How many people admire her live with vigour and vitality, and there are many people regret the final outcome was still bleak. Evaluation of double play, eight are generous words of praise to Lei Hao in ten, he received an inspired passage, but her acting, you know that this was not a. The other actors, and not because of lack of experience, the young is perfunctory, not the heart (of course, high standards and strict requirements of the director is not allowed), can get static)相关的主题文章: