Can walk through the power of Las Vegas, remember to take more than two 追踪309

Walking can generate electricity through Las Vegas, remember to take more than two holes in the open hole in the CES in Las Vegas, there are still months ago, announced the installation of clean energy in the Boulder square lights. The magic is that clean energy does not come from solar or wind power, but human power generation, think about the feeling of considerable. This street from EnGoPLANET, they are placed in the street at the foot of the electric energy can be used for the recovery of the pedal, pedal configuration 3 generation device, whenever the pedestrian after the foot the foot pressure can produce 4 to 8 watts of power, then stored in a battery, eventually supply lamp. This will inevitably make people fall into a reverie, if the power is not enough, can not see the magic scene a street brawl electrician? Joke stop first, about EnGoPLANET power supply or think clearly, in addition to the pedal generator at the foot of the street lamp, the top also installed 24% solar cell conversion efficiency. At the same time, the pedestrian street also provides a USB interface for pedestrians to recharge the phone. This street lamp system also includes a set of management software that can collect the temperature, humidity and air quality from the Boulder square, street lights can also remote control. According to mayor Carolyn Goodman said, although this system is only a small project in Boulder square, if the test is successful, you can integrate into the clean energy city plan. But Xiaobian feel able to enhance the city during the CES science and technology style is probably the ultimate goal.相关的主题文章: