Hubei Yihua into environmental pollution disputes by means of sewage straight row of the Yangtze Riv 木村kaela

Hubei Yihua into environmental pollution disputes by means of sewage straight row of the Yangtze River and Hubei Yihua chemical Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Yihua") production workshop organic branch insurance powder illegal dumping wastewater event continues after a year, once again pushed to the dock. In September 13th, Hubei Yihua announcement said that in September 9th the company received the Hubei intermediate people’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the "Hubei Hanjiang hospital") trial "the plaintiff Chinese biodiversity protection and Green Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as" China green hair ") to inform the company and subsidiary company v. Hubei Yihua industry limited company of environmental pollution liability dispute case, the case will be held in September 27th in the court hearing. It is understood that, as early as last September, "Hubei Yihua insurance factory illegal waste toxic industrial waste water" in the local villagers to report publicly, which caused widespread concern. Yichang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the investigation immediately after to Hubei Yihua issued a fine of $100 thousand administrative penalty and ordered to stop production rectification rectification "decision. However, recently a number of local villagers and volunteers to "China business daily" reporters reflect, Hubei Yihua industry limited company of phosphogypsum slag field still exist pollution problems, Hubei Yihua had publicly promised "gradually for the phosphogypsum field soil and other environmental protection measures are not in place. Recently, the reporter visited the survey on Hubei Yihua phosphogypsum slag field and the surrounding villagers. For these problems, the morning of September 13th, which is also in Hubei Yihua published prior to the announcement of the above, the reporter called Hubei Yihua secretaries office, the staff said, do not accept any form of interviews, all to the company announcement, the reporter repeatedly call Hubei Yihua Miqiang Dong Wei, the mobile phone has no answer, as of press time interview the letter also no reply. The illegal dumping of wastewater as the country’s largest urea production enterprises, Hubei Yihua annual production capacity of the total production capacity of about 5%~6%. However, with the continuous expansion of production capacity, Hubei Yihua pollution complaints like a swing away "Curse", the company repeatedly pulled into the vortex of public opinion. According to the reporter, in September 7, 2015, a Hubei Yihua group insurance factory illegal waste toxic industrial wastewater "real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing net post pollution problem of Hubei Yihua left on the table. Local villagers after a week of filming, Hubei Yihua insurance flour mill the general one day two times directly steal row, one is about 7 o’clock in the morning, one night about 7 o’clock, directly with the waste water transport truck, after about 30 minutes, arrive inside the pavilion area, special sewage site directly discharge". Hubei Yihua phosphogypsum residue field satellite map and surrounding villages distribution in September 9, 2015, Hubei Yihua announced that the Yichang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring detachment, environmental monitoring station of Yichang city and district environmental protection departments on-site investigation, Ting wastewater preliminary verification, net posts reflected in water company insurance powder production distillation and synthesis reactor equipment dry cleaning, washing tank, discharge site for phosphogypsum slag, insurance powder production workshop has been required by the environmental protection department.相关的主题文章: