The preliminary information Syria domestic situation is not good in the battle position 小坂めぐる

The preliminary information: Syria domestic situation is not good in this battle stance Tuesday 004             World Cup; Syria Iran; VS       2016-11-15 20:00         weather: 27 degrees sunny Syria recently a warm-up match 2-0 defeated Singapore show a good competitive state. As a team of 12 strong team sibun the weakest team in 4 games, but scored 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative record, currently 4 points ranked fourth, 0-0 and the neutral field strong South Korean team win 1-0 upset victory over Chinese team, as the team was the failure to see the the Syria team pulled out with shock strength performance, in the face of war Iran team strong, Syria hopes to continue after the excellent performance. However, it is worth noting that the situation in Syria is not good, when the war continues to stand in the position, there is no home advantage in Syria. In order to maintain the competitive state, the Iran team recently played a warm-up match, in their home court 8-1 victory over lowly Papua new guinea. Iran team in the recent 10 games to get a good record of 9 wins and 1 draws, scored a total of 33 goals, only lost the ball, the performance is very strong. After the preliminary round home court 1-0 defeated the South Korean team, the Iran team in 4 and got 3 wins 1 flat unbeaten, currently 10 points in the team leader. The 4 game Iran team did not lose the ball, but averaging scored 1 goals, attack slightly incompetent, and the battle of the team’s top scorer Aziz Moon was suspended, the offensive team is worrying. The two teams in the last 4 wars, Syria record 2 flat and negative, scored 1 goals, lost the ball in the 5. The game disc common to the position in Iran to give a ball water advantage on disk, the note plate plate plate only precipitation does not rise, in the overall strength and reputation of Iran team obviously take advantage of the situation, did not block the plate chip intervention force, Iran team win win disc can be too cheap, in the absence of Iran’s main striker under the condition of the war against the Iran team win confidence, SMG Syria the ball condition check, Sheng ping. Forecast of Syria round: Alma, Midani, Bree, what Ajiaen, alSaleh, Mu Baye De, Midani, Cara, M· Mohamed, Al Mavis, Chrisbin, Iran: prediction of first Beilan million, Ian, Pla Leigh Gangi Reza, Thailand, Husseini, Anne Mu Mo, Dejagah, Amiri Hammadi, Hamed afagh, Jahan Bakhsh, Tarot meters (knowing a smile)相关的主题文章: