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Was the tiger bite tourists really so unbearable in July 23rd, Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger wounding accident caused by a dead one injured. 32 year old Zhao in the Northeast Tiger Park tourists get off, being towed tigers were injured, the mother of Ms. Zhou was the tiger bite off after her death. The Zhao first interview, about the incident, said he went off because of motion sickness, the cab was bitten, not because of a quarrel. (the "JINGWAH times" October 13th) about this incident, Yanqing district has been informed of the findings, that did not comply with the provisions of the tourists, ignored the warning, to get off, do not belong to production safety accidents. Prior to this, the public opinion standing on the side of the zoo, Ms. Zhao should assume the main responsibility or even full responsibility. Such public opinion may not affect the result of the investigation, but at least to form a network to denounce. Before, the reason is because the network transmission Zhao quarrel with her husband, Zhao and Ms. Zhao family, have been described as unbearable image. It turns out that these judgments may not have a solid basis. Do not drive car halo halo, which is the reason given by ms.. This is the reason for the establishment of the car? I thought it had a credibility. There are a lot of people do not drive car halo halo. Coupled with Zhao’s husband is a novice, driving technology is not good, it is possible. At that time, safety precautions, the zoo is not no danger of anything going wrong. The zoo that the tourists in the park will not be stupid enough to get off for a long time, the warning and prevention will relax; and tourists, not to get off the zoo that terrible change location will be the tiger bites, which may relax vigilance. The whole event, perhaps because of the effect, and not as some people imagine, it must be a bad woman did a bad thing. I do not want to Miss Zhao to shirk responsibility, I just think, put forward new opinions in the case of tourists (Zoo warning or lack of formality, the rescue patrol car is only the horn), our original views on the event, also need to adjust. According to the hand formula, all parties involved in the accident should bear the responsibility, and avoid the accident cost is inversely proportional to. In other words, the easier it is to avoid accidents, who will assume greater responsibility. Accordingly, the main responsibility should bear Zhao, no matter how careless it is very dangerous to get off the wild zoo, is the basic common sense. However, if the zoo does exist insufficient warning and rescue ineffective, bear the corresponding proportion of the responsibility should also be afraid. However, many people still insist that the zoo should not assume any responsibility, is pure Zhao "die", no matter what Ms. Zhao said afterwards, it is absolutely a lie. Such an attitude is in line with human nature". If you have begun to believe in something, you will look for information that will reinforce that belief, regardless of the facts. Any new evidence can be ignored under the effect of the confirmation bias, and even the opposing sides are used to reinforce their own ideas. With the conclusion and then to find evidence, or evidence to the conclusion, this is a different way of thinking. Out of the "confirmation bias" thinking, perhaps we can be more fair, more rational.相关的主题文章: