The young couple sees others from the greed of electric cars did not lock the car stolen-若槻ゆうか

The young couple sees others from the greed of electric cars did not lock the car and stole a pair of young lovers go to Internet cafes on the road, seeing others have no lock, suddenly from the greed, the electric car stolen. September 21st morning, the couple were detained by the police in Wenzhou, Cangnan. The afternoon of September 17th, Cangnan Lingxi center police station received a report said Mr. Gao, parked in lingxizhen Road next to a LITE-ON electric car stolen. Handling the police visited Mopai, locked the two suspects committing the crime of identity information, and at 20 am in lingxizhen a cafe arrested two people. After investigation, the two suspects involved in the Department of a pair of lovers, men Pengmou, aged 26, the Department of Hunan city of Xiangtan Province, 23 year old woman Xu, Sichuan, Dazhou. The two men, the early morning of September 16th, two people from the point of temporary residence located in lingxizhen Road station, ready to go to Internet cafes, via LITE-ON lingxizhen Road, found the roadside parked a car. Think of the recent two people do not have what income, and no one around, Pengmou put forward stole the car, Xu immediately agreed, two people will steal the car after hiding in the corner. After dawn, two people spent 50 yuan to replace the lock of the car in a garage on the fence. Provide legal documents for vehicle buyers are required, two stolen goods were rebuffed in Cangnan, Pingyang, so the car to 1200 yuan sold to Ruian. I did not expect it arrested two people so fast, too late for regrets.相关的主题文章: