After the Xu Yuyu case, whether blocking system oversight

After the Xu Yuyu case, whether blocking system oversight of Shandong girl Xu Yuyu is a network of virtual number cheat light tuition, resulting in the unfortunate death of cardiac arrest things, even days of continuous fermentation. Nandu reporter unannounced visits by the line of various virtual operators, the number of agents and data vendors, from upstream to downstream data leakage, the false number of crime cannot be traceable, there was a complete fraud underground industry chain. "Only 5 yuan cost, consumers may face a fraud in a seamless heavenly robe". Telephone fraud, is not something new, and even can be said to have become a Chinese style citizen information survival. Received a telephone fraud, whether it is "guess who I am, come to my office tomorrow to work, or winning news, flight change, always have not taken, there will always be accidentally caught, then how to do? Secretly glad, hang up the phone a few curse words? Or bad luck, from then on the strange number of fear? The latest news is the case, in August 26th the "Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau set up a task force to solve the" less than 48 hours after the afternoon, Shandong Linyi official news release, prospective students Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud was cracked the case, the two suspects were arrested, the other suspects are being pursued. Telecommunications fraud, the original can be so rapid detection! The disaster caused by flooding water telecommunications fraud, and chaos are frequently leaked citizen information, law enforcement agencies in the investigation, the incident before the crackdown, between daily and Xu Yuyu events, hinted there are some subtle differences? If Xu Yuyu did not die, or that the death of Xu Yuyu did not cause such a wide range of public opinion rebound, or any other common victims of the case, the detection of telecommunications fraud will change the rhythm? Even if this is a telecommunications fraud suffered by the general public, the relevant departments of a demanding bar. Xu Yuyu cheated before and after, there are many telecommunications fraud, and even the case of college students cheated was broke. A report said yesterday, from the beginning of this year, Tsinghua University began to require freshmen after receiving admission notice, they completed a up to five hundred or six hundred questions questions in evaluation, problems involved in telecommunications fraud, transportation, fire safety knowledge, some of them also said, "the students improve prevention consciousness is the key"…… Discussion of information security of citizens after another round of cases caused, if the ultimate goal of once again return to the "everyone be careful" so remind each other, public discussion results clearly inadequate. Telecommunications fraud, it seems that the existing law enforcement efforts can not be effectively curbed, and civil information disclosure, and even can not find the source of responsibility, which is currently the most embarrassing situation of such social problems. In combing the media survey of telecommunications fraud, and even the interests of the chain is the direct clues in the description, to telecommunications fraud, crime, citizen information to divulge details of the disclosure procedure is very clear, the law enforcement is something, or in the media before, before Xu jade who suffered abuse in the investigation? After Xu Yuyu, the whole society should be able to respond to the change, and the speed of change can be faster, like the case of the detection of the case of the rapid pace of Xu Yuyu cheated? Around the Xu Yuyu case, there are.相关的主题文章: