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Baby milk crust can heal dry cargo? What is the mother – Sohu crusta when Bao Baogang was born, there is a layer of oil on the skin surface, which is formed by a skin and epithelial secretion of white matter. If the baby is born, do not wash your hair, a long time, these secretions and dust together will form a thick milk scab. Milk scab is also known as milk. Milk scab generally does not hurt does not itch, there is no significant impact on the health of the baby. This is very common in children, there will be a period of time. Milk scab touch some greasy, peeling, most will naturally heal, is a temporary phenomenon. Baby why long milk scab due to the physiological characteristics of the newborn, so the baby’s scalp sebaceous secretions and shedding of skin, hair and dust accumulation is easy to form a layer of thick callus. Is a product of the baby milk crust is mainly related to The new supersedes the old., the following factors: 1, genetic: if the father and mother of Trinidad and Tobago or have had dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, the baby is very easy to long crusta. 2, living habits: Chinese traditional custom that newborn babies should not take a bath shampoo, a long time, it will make the milk crust more thick. While the Western baby rarely have thicker milk scab, because they start from the newborn, often wash your hair. 3, eating habits: breastfeeding mothers and babies in the diet of high oil content, it is easier to milk scab. Baby milk scab can heal it when the baby head long milk scab, mother don’t worry. If the baby’s milk scab lighter, do not need special treatment can also be self-healing, generally in the baby after 4-6 months will gradually subside, but there are some people need to deal with. If you want to get rid of neonatal head parts of the anterior fontanelle "fetal scale", the simplest way is to use after disinfection of vegetable oil (heating and cooling) or paraffin oil local wipe, or by coating 0.5% aureomycin ointment on "fetal scale", after 24 hours with a fine comb gently comb a few can be removed. If you can not clean up after a little more than just remove it with warm water, wash and dry baby soap can be. When the baby grew up with age, the scalp crusta will heal, during this period because the baby will feel the self-healing crusta itching, pain, so the baby will show irritable mood, affect the digestion and absorption as well as sleep. Mother to carefully care for the baby, if you find the baby milk scab is more serious, then you can not take your baby vaccination. How to clean the baby’s milk scab although the baby milk scab will grow with age self-healing, but during this period the baby will itch, pain and irritability, thus affecting the digestion, absorption and sleep. In addition, there may be a mother does not know, severe scalp milk scab, the baby can not be vaccinated. Therefore, it is very important to actively clean the scab on the head. How to clear the baby’s milk scab? The commonly used method is the global vegetable oil washing and washing shampoo whey. 1, vegetable oil bubble washing raw material: use vegetable oil, olive oil, almond oil. (1) in order to ensure clean, first plant oil heating disinfection, cool, spare. (2) clean the clean vegetable oil on the surface of the scalp callus when cleaning相关的主题文章: