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Chan: why cloud master Buddhist practice diligently but also sick? Why would practice diligently? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) in the Buddhist monk that I, are willing to listen to the daily call to religious life. Twenty-three years ago, I suddenly heard the news, my mother passed away, I am infinitely sad, sad! "Pitiful parents, to quote me birth, grace, as vast as the boundless heavens this ex Germany", this life cannot be reported, up to infinite chouchang, cannot last as far as his heart, his mother, mother to pension nail in the coffin, life-long regret! At this time I will cast the trustee bell, cast the good, I began to call the bell, hope from mother, save mother’s suffering. I heard that my mother once thought of me, I thought I was leaning on the door. My mother wanted to be confused. I start knocking clock, and a general feeling of Zen chant at the very little clock those words such as law, so I see that, for now, I call. After the call, the winter cold, then may not be in the room at the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, no, I’m just outside. I’ll knock the wind cold, cold. Good evening had a cold for second days, then knock and heavy cold. Because often night knock, I got a cold, allergic cold, a little bit cold immediately on a cold, a cold is a week, not like the past two days. This time is very painful, I put the hammer on a string, in the room at the play, do not go out. Now the construction of Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the fight better, do not open the door, open the window. At this time I feel, because I knock bells are cold, they become allergic to cold, so is the Dharma? At this time I feel that this is their own karma, the disaster also into small disaster, to the mother at bell can not be wrong, but their own karma, good health will not have allergic cold. I told the cold on a cold, but is allergic to cold, even the cold water wash, all the pain, so after seven years eight years before getting better. In twelve years, I was allergic cold, after ten years, eleven years later, when the Buddha dare to blow the electric fan. Initially did not dare, is to take a sweat, so that the head of a sweat, wipe the image of the same water down, but also dare not open the wind. After you dare to open, dare to open the occasional cold day, and also gradually become cold, long enough, the wind power again, there is little time to catch a cold. So that at night to sleep, sometimes I also open a door in the house blowing, not a cold. Think so, or their physical strength is not enough, and gradually enough physical strength, it will not catch a cold. So allergic cold is their karma, karma gradually eliminated, not cold, now is not so cold, this is my past. I feel we are both self and Dharma, decision because, decision is good; and here head Naobing, suffering, that is their own karma, the karma will disappear, I will endure, then check, slowly nursed back to health, long, good. When a little afraid to open the fan, a wind cold, you can now open all day, not cold. This past experience, the fear of wind cold, or their own karma; now is not affected by the cold, or the body heart, gradually for a long time, enrich the physical, not subject to this.相关的主题文章: