Constantly changing the corner of the 3 corners of the collection of loft trick mmhouse

From the corner stairs LOFT the myriads of changes included 3 strokes to fix?? if the home type attic, double deck, or villas, there must be a lonely space under the stairs, if there is no good planning, it is easy to become a dark corner. In fact, like under the stairs so ordinary small space, don’t just waste debris, if the space under the stairs if can reasonable planning, can play a good collection and display effect, make the space under the stairs is also wonderful! ?? PART1: near the door of the space under the stairs?? receive Cheats: + + shoe wardrobe cabinets?? the design highlights: turned super storage space?? near the door of the space under the stairs in the ladder if near the gate, most suitable for the planning of shoe or outside the locker, a staircase width of about 60 cm that has become a storage cabinet if the depth, as the shoe cabinet, can use the smoke way, can receive two times the number of shoes, through the pull action can easily take second pairs of shoes. The staircase space, which takes up a lot of useful space because of its shape, is usually used as a storage item in most families. For example, you can install a door, put on several storage bins, be arranged to collections of things. In addition, also under the stairs reduced height, making different sizes of cabinets drawers directly embedded inside, can display different items. The space under the stairs?? open design with drawers, to receive more powerful, the above lattice can be readily put some bags, umbrellas, clothes, and the drawer can receive a lot of debris, receive powerful, and good ventilation effect. Under the stairs? A large number of drawers can provide an independent storage room. Full use of the depth of the stairs as a storage function. ?? PART2: the middle of the living room space under the stairs?? receive Cheats: cabinet + plant decoration + TV cabinet display?? design highlights: storage space decoration for more color?? in the living room of the stairs, can be combined with the functional requirements of living room to plan the space under the stairs, at the same time to reach space harmony, can start from the sense of. If space allows, you can design an indoor landscape. Landscape can not only make the room full of natural flavor, but also has a good moral. In addition, you can also make use of fine arts and crafts and decorations, for the humble corner of the stairs as a decoration, into the corner of the eye to attract home decoration. Under the stairs, the side of the wall can be used as a display cabinet, the display cabinet can be designed according to the direction of the stairs, and the cabinet is made of different sizes. This cabinet is the most appropriate, and then you can also play on the wall of the appropriate lighting, to ensure that all the objects on display cabinets. Under the stairs, the stairs of the space under the stairs, the stairs are more difficult to deal with the corner of the interior space, can be hidden and concealed by some natural landscape settings. In this way, not only beautify the living room with and without prejudice to the space, LOFT type residential space under the stairs, the utilization rate is not high, a small set of features, or with a few plants and natural stone embellishment on the ground, or placed in fine art, both.相关的主题文章: