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Female students in Germany China murder case suspects indicted on May 11th local time at around 20:30 striking one snag after another, studying at the German Isaacson Anhalt (Saxony Anhalt) Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau campus China female student Li Yangjie missing out running, after the local police confirmed killed. According to German media reports, prosecutors in Dessau, Germany in September 21st with the intention to murder and personal injury charges formally indicted two suspects in germany. Li Yangjie, a female student who was killed in the night after the disappearance of a foreign student, was studied by in the middle and eastern German city of ·, in Dessau, germany. She disappeared 11 days and nights in May, police found a female corpse in a bush not far from Li Yangjie’s dormitory at noon on May 13th. Police said at the time, the first serious damage to the head and face, must be confirmed after the autopsy. German police informed the Chinese Embassy in Germany in May 16th, after DNA identification, in May 13th found the remains of women were identified as missing Chinese female students. Local time on the afternoon of May 24th, the German police announced the arrest of two suspects have been arrested Chinese students. Two people are a pair of lovers, are all around the age of 20. Prosecutors believe that this is a criminal case, two people suspected of conspiring to murder the victim of sexual assault and implementation. German media reported that the two suspects are locals in Dessau. Suspects will be deceived into the empty apartment in September 21st, the German prosecutors formally indicted two suspects, but also disclosed the details of the crime. According to local media reports in Germany, two people charged with murder and dangerous bodily harm. According to the current survey, the two defendants were pretending to have an emergency situation, the 25 year old victim Li Yangjie lured into a vacant apartment. According to the survey, the two defendants used a large number of violent crimes carried out on the victim Li Yangjie raped several times, then the injured will be injured in the apartment. A few hours later, the two defendants returned to the apartment and found that the victim was still alive. Subsequently, the defendant will be 25 year old victim moved to a place outside the apartment is difficult to see. Later, Li Yangjie was found dead in a bush in May 13th and died of severe violence. Reported that the two suspects in connection with the police shortly after the incident, after being detained for review. The court said the 21 year old man was also charged with involvement in the other two rapes. The investigation of the investigation process striking one snag after another striking one snag after another case. The first is a German prosecutor in the May 24th case, in the case of unverified published degrading the reputation of the victim. China Embassy in Germany subsequently issued a statement that the German side has repeatedly made solemn representations and expressed strong dissatisfaction with the prosecutor’s irresponsible remarks. Subsequently, the German media has exposed male suspect parents are local police officers, the police chief in Dessau, then stepfather was removed from the post. The afternoon of June 3rd, the consular section of the Embassy in Germany Chinese chief counselor Zhou Anping face to face Li Yangjie murder case made solemn representations to the SA, interior ministry officials, asked relevant departments in accordance with the laws of Germany German justice)相关的主题文章: