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For hackers, generation of examination, change the account   "black intermediary" series grey industrial chain finance — original title: looking for a generation of hackers, physical examination, change the account black intermediary series gray industrial chain as social economic activities in an important part of the original "old intermediary industry integrity-based" now more and more bad behavior together: hackers tampering with the examination results, to find someone to modify the blood examination results, fake remote household school to participate in college entrance examination…… Almost every gray industrial chain can see intermediary black figure. Intermediary type of crime specifically looking for candidates who have not passed the examination of the qualification of the accounting profession, promised to modify the results of the payment, after receipt of contact hackers, intrusion sites change results…… Recently, the first case of destruction of computer information system in Inner Mongolia city in Saihan District People’s court sentenced 9 defendants were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from five years to one year and three months. In June 2015, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region finance department staff found that the web site of the office computer system was malicious attacks, 83 people took part in the accounting qualification examination scores of candidates from the "unqualified" tampering "qualified". The court found that Zhou Moujun, a sea of China, Wang Mouyu and other 9 defendants from the training institutions of financial workers and examination of multiple hospital students, not specifically looking for year accounting qualification through the examination of the candidates, and promised candidates after paying a fee to modify the results of charges for the 3000 yuan per person to 11000 yuan. When candidates pay the fee after the contact with the candidates, is contacted by QQ hacker, by technical means of illegal invasion of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Finance website, tampering with the computer system "comprehensive management of Inner Mongolia accountant service network" to save the original results according to the number, not have the accounting qualification certificate candidates achieved this certificate. The defendant Zhang Mouhua, Yang Mouli, Lv Moujiao and other 3 people were made a profit of 52000 yuan; the defendant Zhang Moucheng, Zhang Hua, a sea of righteousness, Kong Mouji, Wang Mouyu, Zhou Moujun and other 6 people were earning 89300 yuan and 44300 yuan, 15800 yuan, 17300 yuan, 16300 yuan and 7000 yuan. Hunan Police Academy information technology (supervisor) department director Liu Xuchong told reporters that this kind of case is the modus operandi is very typical, namely "intermediary type". Some criminals may not have the technology to attack the network system itself, but you can use a small amount of money, hire hackers, and then seek benefits. The court held that the defendant Zhang Mouhua 9 people in violation of state regulations, the computer information system in storage, processing the data modification, the consequences are serious, their behavior had constituted the crime of destroying computer information system. Coincidentally, the recent East City Court of Hainan province of household registration fraud case verdict, the intermediary accounts 3 people convicted. This is also an intermediary crime. It is understood that the clues in 2014 during the college entrance examination, the Department of Education found in Ledong national middle school 14 candidates Hainan household registration does not exist, does not have the Hainan college entrance qualification).相关的主题文章: