Get Over Yourself! .placency Is The Killer Or Success, So Get Over Yourself!

Success .placency, it seems like the whole world suffers from it in some form or another. We are .placent about our success. We all want to be successful but we get into a .fort zone and just be.e totally .placent about our lives, careers, and success. I"m here to tell you that you need to get over yourself and be.e a success. Everyone can do it; we just need to start doing it. For many years America was the global leader in manufacturing and jobs. We had an easy life. I know when I got out of high school jobs were easy to find and most of them were high paying. That is no longer the case. Statistics are staggering. Nearly 80% of all college graduates will move back in with their parents after they graduate because they can"t find a job that will pay the bills. This is the sad reality of the end of the Industrial Age and American dominance. When World War II ended we were the only industrialized nation that was not destroyed. We had factories already built to make the instruments of war like planes and bombs. All we had to do was retool them and we could make other products. Countries in Europe and Japan were not so fortunate; their infrastructure was destroyed. It had to be rebuilt from the ground up. This took time, so Americans enjoyed unprecedented wealth for about five decades until things began to change. The factories were rebuilt in other countries, globalization started, and the Internet became a reality. America no longer enjoys the dominance we once had. But that doesn"t mean we still can"t .pete. Things have changed and we need to change with them. However, we are falling behind because we have be.e .placent. Instead of changing ourselves we are .plaining that our government does not provide for us. We need to just say, "get over yourself" and seize the new opportunities that are before us. There are many, even more than we had during the boom years after WWII, but we just prefer to stay .placent and stay in the same rut. If you suffer from .placency you need to say get over yourself, get the training that you need to succeed, and go for it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: