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Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming to visit condolences in Yongxing Island Island soldiers (Figure) original title: Luo Baoming said to Yongxing Island condolences: Sansha to become the "four model" Beijing Sansha Yongxing island on 6 February, (Qiong Fen) said the Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming 6 condolences in three Shashi research, to strive for the integration of military and civilian resources, Sansha saving and ecological benign cycle, island style "four model", and resolutely defend the southern gate of the motherland. Luo Baoming the 6 day rate of Hainan province government delegations to Sansha municipal government is located in Yongxing Island, police officers and soldiers condolences to the island, visit the garrison of the cadres and workers, builders and Sansha residents, on-site investigation of Sansha infrastructure and regime construction. Luo Baoming to the Xisha Sansha garrison, a marine area in the three Shashi soldiers pay tribute and cordial greetings. He said that the city of Sansha set more than 3 years of infrastructure construction, power construction has achieved remarkable results, cannot do without the police officers and soldiers stationed in the island of hard work, "you perennial guarding the island, fighting in the frontline of the motherland rights stability, to guard the island sacrifices and contribution. You are the steel the Great Wall guarding the South Gate of the motherland! "Luo Baoming said, after the Sansha set city infrastructure construction and power construction on a big stage, has played an important role in normal adults on the South China sea. A pier in Yongxing, Luo Baoming visit condolences to the comprehensive law enforcement officers, police forces Shashi officers and dock builders. Into the Yongxing island community neighborhood committee, the neighborhood committee Luo Baoming view "five one" to the residents and office conditions, detailed understanding of the housing, life, social security etc.. Luo Baoming said that the three unique geographical location, land and water resources are very valuable, to use the soil such as "gold" cherish this piece of paper". We should vigorously promote the depth of integration of military and civilian Sansha, make overall planning, to improve the legal system, to carry out multi experts, to ensure the quality of construction projects at the same time, focus on resource conservation, recycling Island architectural style and background work, striving for the civil military integration paradigm and saving resources model and ecological benign cycle model, island style model and draw the most beautiful picture in the white paper, the construction of a beautiful city. (Editor): editor in chief: SN184

海南省委书记罗保铭赴永兴岛慰问驻岛战士(图)   原标题:罗保铭赴永兴岛慰问时表示:三沙要争创“四个典范”   中新网三沙永兴岛2月6日电 (琼芬)海南省委书记罗保铭6日在三沙市慰问调研时表示,三沙要争创军民融合、资源节约、生态良性循环、海岛风格“四个典范”,坚决守好祖国南大门。   罗保铭6日率海南省党政军慰问团赴三沙市政府所在地永兴岛,慰问驻岛军警部队官兵,看望守岛的广大干部职工、建设者及三沙居民,现场调研三沙基础设施和政权建设。   罗保铭向三沙警备区、西沙某水警区等广大驻三沙市部队官兵致以崇高敬意和亲切问候。他表示,三沙设市3年多来基础设施建设、政权建设取得骄人业绩,离不开驻岛军警部队官兵的艰苦努力,“你们常年守卫着海岛,战斗在祖国维权维稳的第一线,为守卫海岛付出了牺牲、作出了贡献。你们是守卫祖国南大门的钢铁长城!“   罗保铭表示,三沙设市后基础设施建设和政权建设上了一个大台阶,在南海的常态维权上发挥了重要作用。   在永兴码头,罗保铭看望慰问了海警部队官兵、三沙市综合执法执勤人员和码头建设者。走进永兴岛社区居委会,罗保铭查看了居委会“五所合一”的办公条件,并向居民们详细了解其住房、生活、社保等情况。   罗保铭称,三沙地理位置独特,土地、淡水等资源十分宝贵,要“用土如用金”“珍惜这张白纸”。三沙要大力推进军地深度融合,搞好统筹规划,完善法规制度,多方开展专家咨询论证,在保证项目建设质量的同时,着力在资源节约循环利用、海岛建筑风格和底色上下功夫,争创军民融合典范、资源节约典范、生态良性循环典范、海岛风格典范,在这张白纸上画出最美的图画,建设一个最美的三沙。(完) 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: