Harbin was hit by fog and haze expert analysis the burning of straw around ddrtys

By the analysis of Harbin haze hit the city experts: the surrounding straw burning caused poor visibility haze days slowly by 4 News (reporter Gao Hongfei) today, the Harbin winter heating season after the first encounter the longest continuous haze days. Until day 15, 10 monitoring points for serious pollution, heavy pollution weather this winter for the first time to start Harbin four (blue) warning. Environmental experts said that the haze is mainly located in Suihua, Daqing Harbin wind, Jilin, straw burning pollutants and wind input, Harbin air diffusion ability caused by. Expected 5, Harbin urban air quality will be improved, but the 6 day there will be another wave of haze struck, Harbin, Suihua, Jiamusi or moderate pollution weather. For the first time this winter start heavy pollution weather blue warning 4 days a day, Harbin are immersed in the haze in the sky, yellow, straw smell pungent, part of the street visibility less than 500 meters, the pedestrian standard masks". Reporters from the Harbin environmental air quality release system see pollutant concentration in the early morning of 4 began to rise slowly, to 15, 12 monitoring points, 10 monitoring points of AQ I in more than 300, reaching the highest levels of pollution is serious pollution, the real-time concentration of Hulan normal college and Songbei has two sites of PM 2.5 the values were 476, 400. According to the provisions of the "Harbin heavy pollution weather emergency plan", Harbin heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office decided since 4 days 10 when the weather started Harbin heavy pollution level Four (blue) warning. According to the forecast, 4 Harbin urban atmospheric stability, is not conducive to the proliferation of pollutants, AQ I index greater than 200, will continue to severe and above pollution, the primary pollutant is fine particulate matter (PM 2.5). Expert analysis of the causes of haze a reporter from the Harbin Meteorological Bureau, according to the Bureau of the satellite remote sensing data analysis, Harbin West and southwest of Suihua, Daqing and Jilin, were found in the straw 171 points of fire, of which 35 Harbin, Harbin West Wind were found 136. Harbin Harbin meteorological experts said that recently suffered haze, mainly around the straw burning diffusion effects and relatively unfavorable conditions caused by air diffusion. See the air quality forecast reporter from the meteorological department announced on the 5 day of Harbin north wind 3-4, the diffusion condition has improved, but the 6-7 Harbin urban cloudy, southerly wind 2-3, diffusion conditions, should also pay attention to the concentration of local pollutants caused by straw burning fast speed. 6, Harbin or moderate pollution on the 4 day at 6:30, the provincial meteorological observatory issued a yellow haze warning signal: Daqing, Suihua, Harbin, Qitaihe has a moderate haze weather, and the future will continue to moderate, easy to form air pollution. Day 16, the reporter learned from the air quality publishing platform, according to air quality live around the city, 13 Harbin, Suihua: Daqing, Qitaihe, Qigihar for serious pollution, severe pollution, Mudanjiang, Jixi moderate pollution, light pollution in Hegang. The 4 day at 16:45, the Harbin Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a haze orange signal warning signal.相关的主题文章: