Hokkaido, Japan, more than 7 million 400 thousand foreign guest accommodation in China Habitat first restorator

Japan Hokkaido foreign guests stay more than 7 million 400 thousand China living first according to Japan Xinhua China Press reported that in November 15th, Hokkaido Transportation Bureau released the 2016 survey 4-6 Hokkaido accommodation travel month. Total number of accommodation increased by 4.6% over the same period last year, to 7 million 430 thousand. Among them, the number of foreigners accommodation increased by 14.8%, an increase of up to 1 million 220 thousand. Although this data continues to increase, but with an increase of 6 in 2015 4-6 month compared to slow growth. In accordance with national and regional perspective, the number of people living in China from the first place. According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s total number of accommodation decreased by 2% year on year, to 111 million 590 thousand. In accordance with the order of the county government, following Tokyo, Osaka, the total number of accommodation in Japan ranks third in japan. The total number of foreigners in Japan is 18 million 540 thousand. Following Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, Hokkaido ranks fifth in japan. According to the content of the foreign countries and regions in Hokkaido, the number of people from Taiwan, China, the number of accommodation was 282890, representing a decrease of up to 0.4%. The number of people from mainland China fell by 11.5%, to 236010. On the grounds of the Hokkaido Transportation Bureau analysis: Although the specific reasons can not be predicted, due to the recent growth in large, is temporarily over." On the other hand, affected by regular flights on the flight, from South Korea, an increase of 37.6% for the residents, for the 128440.相关的主题文章: