Liu Yifei as a bridesmaid, imperceptibly small artistes have become a bridesmaid. polartec

Liu Yifei as a bridesmaid, imperceptibly small artistes have become the bridesmaids [Abstract] stars bridesmaid is beautiful scenery line! Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information! Yesterday Jane Zhang finally married, the wedding although the mother is still absent, but the focus of attention of the masses in the crowd, Liu Yifei had to be a bridesmaid! Liu Yifei always has been "wedding insulator", said Liu Yifei attended the wedding, or attend the wedding of Zhu Yawen, light makeup, very low-key. The Liu Yifei a bridesmaid, many netizens also comment, which would not find Liu Yifei when the bride’s maid, because believe it will be a colorful pressure ah. Look at the scene yesterday, Liu Yifei purple hair, skin white snow, sweet smile, in fact, it is really the colorful pressure. Small understand Qiazhiyisuan, imperceptibly, these flowers have become a bridesmaid dan. Yesterday, the wedding scene watched except Liu Yifei and Tang Yan, she enjoyed a variety of photo in the field, the value is also very rosy. The bride and groom the photo, one not careful will think Tang Yan is. Tang Yan also served as Yang Mi’s maid of honor. Yang Mi’s only a Tang Yan, a blue dress, elegant and beautiful, but also did not take the bride’s light. Accompany Yang Mi together to experience the most important moment in her life, Tang Yan can be said to be the bridesmaid is beautiful and qualified. When Liu Shishi got married, Annie Liu, Ye Qing, Guo Xiaoting composed of three small bridesmaids is seductive, three pink bridesmaids group each have different small details, the bridesmaids each smile, can feel their heartfelt joy. Funny privately and the bride with photos, also make people laugh with. When Michelle Chen got married, the group announced a "most beautiful bridesmaids", drew Gillian Chung and Joe Chen to help out, two people smile very brilliant, but also carry the "most beautiful bridesmaids" banner. Said A Jiao, almost become the occupation bridesmaid. Before Yumiko Cheng’s wedding, she’s a bridesmaid. Li Xiaoran’s wedding, she is also one of the members of the bridesmaids. But no matter how, she is very beautiful scenery. The wedding of Babel, although subsequent make a mess, but the original bridesmaids or the United States and the United States. Liu Yan, Wang Ou, Jia Ling, Xinyi Zhang and other flowers, also can not ignore the bridesmaids scene. The photo is also very happy, each flower is very beautiful. Imperceptibly between a small artistes have become a bridesmaid, now married in the entertainment stars, the bridesmaids is absolutely can not ignore the important part. The bridesmaids are very beautiful scenery, but do not know what time these flowers were also evolved from Bridesmaid bride, become the most beautiful scenery? Miss understand in hand, what knowledge we have, next goodbye! (II: seek after commissioning editor) today’s homework: how do you see the star select Bridesmaid? Come and share your views! [WeChat search "to understand Miss" (micro signal: entdong), understand Miss lectures, and gossip most fresh oh! Download Tencent news client, subscribe to understand miss, followed by the most fun to understand相关的主题文章: