Man was knocked down by a car and was hit by a number of vehicles rolling death nibbuns

The man was knocked down by car and car hit the continuous rolling dead channel network October 25th hearing (Haidu reporter Yu Shaolin) the night before 9 pm, Changle crane line Mei Wen Ling Dongwu Village Road, a car, a man knocked to the ground after leaving the scene. Due to the dark rain and street light is not good, the man was more than one car after another hit and rolling. When the medical staff rushed to the scene, the man has died. The driver knocked down the first man surrendered to the police. According to nearby residents, Mr. Chen, the deceased is near a building materials factory workers, the accident occurred on the way back to the factory. After the man was knocked down by the first car, was hit by a non motor vehicle, and then was hit by two cars. "A woman should not live in the rain, with a plank in the rear of the rear of the vehicle to avoid, but also do not know how much the car from the injured over." Chen said with fear. Reporters learned that the kind-hearted woman surnamed xie. At that time, she was in the two floor of the house, heard Bang sound, saw a man lying in the road, so take a block of wood in the rear of the man, the side of the vehicle signs there is a car accident. >相关的主题文章: