Ningbo is a grocery store boss salesman fooled to buy 148 bottles of fake liquor win7codecs

Ningbo is a grocery store boss salesman fooled to buy 148 bottles of fake liquor "wanted to earn money, did not expect to sell liquor are false." The day before, Ningbo Ninghai County Bridge Hu Street in a grocery store operating households Kim because sales of counterfeit by market regulators fined 11 thousand yuan of administrative punishment. The day before, Ninghai county market supervision and Management Bureau law enforcement officers received Niulanshan registered trademark holders report, said qiaotouhu streets of a grocery store, a fake Niulanshan liquor sale. Law enforcement officers immediately went to someone’s grocery store raids, and marked Niulanshan trademark 148 bottles of liquor seized at the grocery store. After identification, was seized 148 bottles of liquor are counterfeit products. After investigation, the grocery store operating households Kim from the end of August this year to sell personnel purchased this batch of fake Niulanshan liquor, then the price of 15 yuan per bottle sold in the shop. "Because of the purchase price of the purchase price a lot lower than normal, I have bought, did not expect to be fake." Kim said that due to cheap, he did not check each other’s main qualifications, but also did not ask for an invoice. At present, the sale of counterfeit liquor has been confiscated in accordance with law, the grocery store has also been sentenced to 11 thousand yuan fine. Relevant person in charge of the market regulators to remind operators, when the purchase should take the formal channels. For the delivery of preferential marketing should stay in mind, can first examine the relevant proof of sales personnel or its company or business license, and verified through the company’s official website or call the official hotline. If the purchase of counterfeit goods, should be promptly reported to the market regulatory authorities or public security departments, do not know to sell fake to reduce losses.相关的主题文章: