[price] pegau bursting Chateau Rhone Valley reserve, is as low as 116 yuan – and Sohu lformat

[price] pegau bursting Chateau Rhone Valley reserve, is as low as 116 yuan – Sohu and I eat pegau Winery (Pegau) is a fate. Pegau Chateau Wine, I have had a lot of time…… The first is a designer and big clicks, he told me he was infatuated with the Wine pegau winery, the winery produced because God drops third apostles, and let me try. The second is working in a Tencent and a super Wine fancier, he said it was love Wine pegau winery, later I learned that the "world map" Wine praised as "small independent pegau winery Chateau pape most characteristic." Tracy and Parke drink third times is Wine pegau winery to fly over the sea, to go to Washington and Robert? Parke (Robert Parker) for lunch, 3 Wine pegau winery in Parke’s private collection list list. Parke said: "I long ago began to go for the Wine pegau winery, and I always spend my greedy, so from the beginning of 1979 I have been buying pegau winery every year Wine." Small and Laurence photo is fourth times and the suzerain winery suzerain pegau female in the East China Sea The Langham London Hotel winery tasting several Wine, let me see, simple appearance is a heart of excellence…… The day of the dinner, I was tasting the pegau Rhone Valley Vineyard red (Chateau Pegau Cotes-du-Rhone Cuvee Maclura), which is the high cost of a winery Wine, very suitable for everyday drinking. Red wine encyclopedia launched 013 years pegau Rhone Valley Vineyard red wine, 6 bottles of 1 sets, the original price of 999 yuan, the promotional price 699 yuan per bottle, as low as 116 yuan, only 100 sets of SF or Debon shipping! Please press the following two-dimensional code, select the identification of two-dimensional code into the panic! Note: limited promotional activities deadline for November 5th 24 p.m.. The following is the Rhone Valley Vineyard pegau red details. 1, the new Pope pegau: 300 years of history of Fort Chateau pegau (Pegau) is the new Pope (Chateauneuf Du Pape), in an ancient village, from Filo (Feraud) family created grape cultivation history of 300 years. Pegau Winery (Domaine Du Pegau) is the father file, the Ferro family as early as seventeenth Century in the southern Rhone Valley life, a wine for a living, but not his winery. In 1986, the wine professional returning daughter Laurence persuaded his father to set up its own winery, originally called "Domaine Feraud", after the name change now. "Pegau" is the ancient Provence language, meaning to be used for wine in ancient times相关的主题文章: