Report 43% white Formica who travel abroad favorite is still a new network – instant noodles

Report: 43% white Formica who travel abroad favorite is still the new network instant noodles – Nanfang Daily News (reporter Ou Zhikui) National Day holiday approaching, another round of outbound peak coming. Chinese people travel abroad, is probably the most difficult to adapt to the exotic food, the instant noodles become a lot of people abroad "must have" one. In September 28th, reporters from Ali travel and dig Choi jointly issued the "outbound tourism and the bubble logic research report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), up to 31% of outbound tourists, have experience with instant noodles; even without noodles, there are 58% of people will buy instant noodles in tourist destination ground. Over 30% tourists travel abroad with instant noodles according to the survey, Chinese travel itinerary average is 5 days or so, data show that 50% overseas visitors carry noodles, suitcase filled with 3-5 package of instant noodles, an average of almost a pack a day, is really cannot do without love. Earlier, once users publish pictures, China aunt in Italy shopping spree tired, squatting to eat instant noodles in the GUCCI window. Look, this scene is not the media exaggerated by chance, it is typical of Chinese abroad like the instant noodles. Love to buy luxury goods are obviously rich China nouveau riche capricious, then why do they have to go overseas to eat cheap instant noodles? The report shows, the majority of travelers because not accustomed to eating local food, taste Chinese Diao, not accustomed to eating Western-style food, and people in need of help, there is especially delicious noodles, and with a familiar taste, give a person with warm. Other reasons are "save time for travel" (convenience) and "cheap"". Some respondents provided their own personalized answer, such as: "eat instant noodles have the feeling of travel, before the train sit green habit". The report also found that those days on the road "bestie" respectively, chili sauce, old godmother, ham sausage, beef jerky, mustard silk, Marinated Egg, these are Chinese tourists often travel abroad and instant noodles with food ingredients. In the part of the tourism destination, has become a delicacy noodles such a small number of people, they are not only to eat noodles with abroad, but also to buy local noodles, take home to eat instant noodles, is called "severe lovers". As for why to buy instant noodles back into the country, because most people still taste good". Another data show, they buy instant noodles of the country, 90% concentrated in Southeast Asia and Japan and South korea. In fact, Japan is the birthplace of instant noodles in South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, it is in the field of instant noodles "power" and "power". Taste the novelty, variety of texture, in the eyes of lovers of instant noodles, has become an attractive delicacy. The report suggested that Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia has a large number of high-quality and new exotic noodles and other people, so the bubble lovers go to these countries tourism, in fact there is no need to bring instant noodles. In contrast, if you need to do is to go to Europe and the United States, want to buy instant noodles without psychological preparation. 43% white Formica who go abroad is still the most love "instant noodles" the "report" also show some interesting data, let the big.相关的主题文章: