Summary of February 4th Sterling institutions view (European market)

In February 4th the pound institutions view summary (European city) Easy-Forex Sterling GBPUSD weak U.S. data and Fed officials Dudley speech ignited the dollar, Dudley said that since December the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates since the tightening of financial market conditions, causing the central bank to raise interest rates during the year four times the expected rapid cooling. The pound was boosted by economic data and the improvement of European concerns was rising by more than 200 basis points to the position of the 1.46 integer mark. GBPUSD breakthrough 1.4600 hit around Europe high, announced in early UK January services PMI rose from 55.5 to 55.6, higher than the expected 55.3, exchange rate exceeded 12-1 months (1.5110 1.4078) 38.2% retracement of the decline after 1.4530 to accelerate the rise. Tonight, special attention is given to the BOE’s announcement of interest rate decisions, minutes of meetings and quarterly inflation reports. Day: pound against the dollar bullish. Upper pressure: 1.464- 1.4715, support below: 1.438-1.452. FXBTG GBP USD: bullish on day. Turning point: 1.4520 trading strategy: above 1.4520, bullish, the target price is 1.4640, and then 1.4685. Alternative strategy: under 1.4520, empty, the target price is set at 1.4440, and then 1.4380. Technology Review: RSI technical indicators lack of kinetic energy decline, the analysis of the trend of the pound and the dollar in Dafeng bank yesterday, the trend of sterling rose. Britain’s service sector data set up, stimulating the pound rebounded from the low of 1.4385. New York currencies, poor U.S. economic data, the dollar fell, the pound rose to three and a half week high of 1.4616. Today afternoon, the British central bank’s monetary policy meeting held on the market, its interest rate decision and after sending the inflation report, expected in the earlier, the pound repeatedly. China Merchants Bank $1.4587 opened today. Analysts said the 4 hour chart shows that the exchange rate hovering near the previous high technology index, after a brief adjustment in the overbought territory near the rise again, while the 20 moving average at the bottom of the exchange rate will provide strong support. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

2月4日英镑机构观点汇总(欧市)   Easy-Forex   英镑兑美元 GBPUSD   疲软的美国数据和美联储官员杜德利讲话点燃美元跌势,杜德利表示自美联储12月加息以来金融市场状况收紧,导致该央行年内加息四次的预期急剧降温。英镑受助于经济数据的提振和脱欧疑虑的改善一度上涨超过200个基点,来到1.46整数关口的位置。英镑兑美元突破1.4600创四周高位,欧洲早盘公布的英国1月服务业PMI从55.5升至55.6,高于预期55.3,汇价突破12-1月(1.5110 1.4078)跌势的38.2%回档位1.4530后加速上扬。今晚特别关注英国央行公布利率决定、会议纪要及季度通胀报告。当日内:英镑兑美元看涨。上方压力:1.464- 1.4715,下方支撑:1.438-1.452。   FXBTG   英镑 美元 当日内: 看涨。   转折点: 1.4520   交易策略: 在 1.4520 之上,看涨,目标价位为 1.4640 ,然后为 1.4685。   备选策略: 在 1.4520 下,看空,目标价位定在 1.4440 ,然后为 1.4380。   技术点评: RSI技术指标缺乏下降动能   大丰银行   英镑兑美元走势分析   昨天英镑走势上升。英国公布的服务业数据造好,刺激英镑从日低1.4385反弹。约纽汇市,美国公布的经济数据欠佳,美元回落,英镑升至三周半高位1.4616。后市方面,本日英央行将举行货币政策会议,市场关注其利率决定和会后发报的通胀报告,预料在此前,英镑走势反覆。   招商银行总行   英镑 美元今日开盘报1.4587。   分析师表示,4小时图显示,汇价徘徊在前期高点附近,技术指标经过短暂调整后在超买水准附近再度走高,同时20均线位于汇价下方将提供强有力支持。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: