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Tengchong "national dig jade" from the upstart fantasy song Xiao commentary authors for the rich people psychology is born, neutral, but sometimes the desire to be rich and will cause distress to others. Because of this, when people discuss for the rich get rich, not sure "overnight", even if the real Que Youji minority overnight case. Recently, due to the transformation of the old city of Yunnan, Tengchong caused a large number of people into the road construction site day and night digging jade, attracting a large number of onlookers. Tengchong municipal government said that some people carry digging tools into the construction site without the implementation of mining behavior, in violation of the construction site safety management regulations, there are security risks. (Beijing Youth Daily, September 28th) only by the presence of the construction section of the former jade merchants left residual jade, it caused the people dig jade, which is puzzling. Although there are no safety accidents, but the people behind the fantasy of "overnight" to a full range of crack. A "pie in the sky" in daily life, few people can treat with indifference, many people would like the people of Tengchong to participate in the same berserk. However, this response is both normal and pathological. A lot of people who have fantasies will be blind to some incidents. Big to a rumor credulity, small to a lottery speculation calculus, all reflect a kind of alienation "cheap" psychology. The "old buried jade" message, most people simply forward, one hand is to highlight the "Emerald City" Tengchong extraordinary, is there no one to dig, dig, how much worth the money, and no one ticket. On the other hand, do not rule out some occupation jade speculation speculation, and even rumors, as the backlog of jade is put in the hands of a "old city site excavated in the name of the first price. "People dig jade" is probably a speculation, was inspired by the jade jade rob fried by occupation. Does not rule out someone dug jade, sold a good price, but this is a small probability event. To explore the issue of jade digging for the people, the most important thing is not to criticize the jade people. People’s desire for wealth is innate, neutral, but sometimes the desire to enrich and cause trouble to others. Because of this, when people discuss for the rich get rich, not sure "overnight", even if the real Que Youji minority overnight case. Qiufu not dug jade "ethical or not", but a kind of stereotyped thinking correct. This correction will continue as similar events continue to occur. You and I may be a member of the "all the people digging jade" incident. We have to do is to gradually break the "overnight" bubble to fame, "Emerald City" left precious civilization background. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: