The city has 60 coal-fired boilers to be eliminated

The city has 60 coal-fired boilers eliminated pollution prevention: the city has 60 coal-fired boilers eliminated the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution is one of the key environmental protection work in Dazhou. "12th Five-Year" period, Dazhou to cure haze and reduce PM10 and PM2.5 as the key to close down Dazhou Zhiyuan coking and other heavily polluting enterprises 4, 30% production measures for Sichuan Leeson building materials and other 23 industrial enterprises, 17 production lines, eliminate backward production capacity of enterprises in 60 coal-fired boilers, a total reduction of smoke and dust more than 7000 tons, completed 30 oil and gas recovery project of gas station, the city’s implementation in line with national standards fourth stage gasoline and diesel supply. In dust control, dust pollution in Dazhou is provided with 20 sets of intelligent control system in the city of important construction site, and the city road, the implementation of 24 hours monitoring, minimize the road and construction dust pollution. In addition, Dazhou also unified planning of food smoking places, actively promote pollution-free processing smoked food equipment, reduce smoke pollution. Air quality compliance rate of 1-10 months of this year the city was 79.8%, up 6.2 percentage points over the same period last year, in May this year, for the first time PM10 and PM2.5 double down". Water pollution control, Dazhou completed a comprehensive assessment of the environmental situation of drinking water sources and 5 county-level city centralized drinking water sources of data acquisition and audit work in Dazhou city. To strengthen the city center (Luojiang reservoir) centralized drinking water source protection zone of the standardization construction, improve the water environment risk early warning ability. Complete the environmental investigation work of township centralized drinking water sources. To strengthen water pollution control and water quality, the city’s main river in the stability, exit and entry, city water quality control sections have reached the national standard of water. Soil pollution prevention and control, Dazhou metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, medical industry to carry out the declaration of registration of hazardous waste, the implementation of dynamic management; carry out regular inspections of chemical and petrochemical enterprises, as in the pharmaceutical industry and heavy metal enterprises. Strictly implement hazardous solid waste production enterprises registration, dynamic management, the single transfer system, the city’s hazardous waste disposal unit to send all the safe disposal rate of 100%.

 全市已有60台燃煤锅炉被淘汰   污染防治:   全市已有60台燃煤锅炉被淘汰   大气污染防治是达州环保重点工作之一。“十二五”期间,达州以治霾和降低PM10、PM2.5为重点,依法关闭了达州智源焦化等重污染企业4家,对四川利森建材等23家工业企业采取了限产30%的措施,淘汰了17家落后产能企业生产线、60台燃煤锅炉,累计削减烟粉尘7000余吨,完成30座加油站油气回收改造工程,全市实现了符合国家第四阶段标准车用汽油和柴油的供应。   在扬尘治理方面,达州在主城区重要建筑工地、进出城路口设置了20套扬尘污染智能管控系统,实施24小时监控,最大限度减少了道路和建筑扬尘污染。此外,达州还对食品熏制地点进行统一规划,积极推广无污染加工烟熏食品设备,减少烟熏污染。今年1-10月全市空气环境质量达标率为79.8%,较去年同期上升6.2个百分点,今年5月,首次实现了PM10和PM2.5“双降”。   水污染治理方面,达州全面完成了达州市集中式饮用水源地环境状况评估和5个县级城市集中式饮用水源地的数据采集审核工作。切实加强了中心城区(罗江库区)集中式饮用水源地保护区的规范化建设,提高了水源地环境风险预警能力。全面完成了乡镇集中式饮用水源地环境调查工作。加强流域水污染治理,全市主要河流水质稳中趋好,出境、入境、城市控制断面水质均达到国家Ⅲ类水域标准。   土壤污染防控方面,达州对冶金、化工、石化、医疗行业开展危险废物申报登记,实行动态管理;对化工、驻达石化企业、医药行业和重金属企业进行定期检查。严格落实危险固体废物生产经营企业申报登记、动态管理、联单转移制度,全市危险废物全部送持证单位处置,安全处置率达到100%。相关的主题文章: