The first Chinese Film Festival in Italy ended the construction of the Sino Italian film market brid-restorator

The first Italy Film Festival ended up Chinese Italian film market bridge – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to the "European Times" reported that the opening ceremony hosted by the European Times Media Group Chinese Italy Film Festival before the screening of the 16 film, thousands of people in Italy for the first time enjoy so many Chinese original sound the film. Both of them are professionals, but also Chinese culture lovers; both the Chinese people do not fully understand the general Italy, there are many overseas Chinese for many years. In the competition screenings and two day after the morning of September 18th, held the closing ceremony and awards ceremony Chinese Italy film festival. After listening to the authority of the Italian and Chinese judges listen carefully to each other, in-depth discussion and repeated voting, 6 regular awards and 3 ad hoc awards finally settled. Closing scene. Photo by Zhang Rui Yan Ni and Huang Xiaoming won the best actress award for the best film of the festival competition fierce competition film rich content, a wide range of subjects, from the different perspective of the performance of Chinese social development and cultural status, cultural environment, image provides rich resources for the audience in Italy China. The film festival main competition unit and documentary unit. In addition to the 6 regular awards, including Best Documentary Award, best screenplay, best actress award, best director award and the award for the best film, this film festival for outstanding contributions outstanding movies and certainly new actors, the oriental culture to the world, but also set up a special "most promising young artist award" "Oriental Fashion Award" and "Special Jury Award" 3 awards. In the main competition the most attention, Yan Ni with the "relocation" yellow director won best actress, and best actor award from Huo Jianqi’s "Tang Xuanzang" actor Huang Xiaoming. Although the day two people attended the ceremony due to work reasons failed to, but that after winning, all in the first time to record a speech and video sent to the scene of the Milan ceremony. Director Wang Yichun by virtue of the black place what to get the best director award, the best screenplay award by the film "Mr. Sheng’s flowers," screenwriter Zhu Yuancheng, the acquisition of the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the award for the best director award for the film, "Mr. Sheng," the winner of the film, "Mr. Sheng," the winner of the film, "Mr. Sheng," the author of the film, "Mr. Sheng’s flowers. In the process of voting on the evening of the 17, "and" ice "hunt" Tallo appeared 5 votes to 5 votes in the situation, a round of intense discussion and professional discussion, the final 10 judges will be the very component of the prize’s "Tallo Wanma Caidan". "The ice river" is the murderer because of its very fruitful exploration in the integration between film artistic temperament and commercial elements, and was awarded the festival special jury award. In the documentary unit, "China juvenile football team" to break the siege, talent shows itself Film Festival, won the best documentary award. In addition, the Mongolian actor, Chinese music singer, music producer Siqingaoli won the most promising young artist award, and just finished working with Chen Baoguo in "the last visa" the young actor Zhang Jingjing won the Film Festival Award for New Oriental fashion. In the interactive session after the awards ceremony, the two actors are constantly being asked to sign autographs.相关的主题文章: