The girl with her mother over after 170 screenshots have never been heard of since the girl lost to peepsamurai

The girl with her mother over 170 screenshots found after have never been heard of since the girl lost to Washington (reporter correspondent Wan Qin Wang Weikuang Wen Hua) a 21 year old girl suffering from depression after a dispute with his mother to leave alone have never been heard of since, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau police detachment relay tracking video investigation for three days and nights, the transfer of more than and 600 monitoring probes, 170 interception pieces of video shots, finally it back. The 19 day, the girl’s family came from Jingmen to the video investigation team sent a banner and a letter of thanks. In late September 9th 9 pm, 27 River Public Security Bureau police station with a mother came to the video Investigation Detachment of a brigade, request to help find her lost daughter Lili (a pseudonym). My daughter Lili is the only child in the family, 21 years old, because of depression, specially last year from Jingmen to Han treatment, this year the morning of September 7th, she took her daughter to the hospital, but was strongly resisted her daughter, mother and daughter went to the Huangpu Avenue warehouse door, her daughter while she was not actually running alone the note. At first, Ms. Chen also thought it was a joke, and later found her daughter really disappeared, just hurriedly and family looking for, you can find 2 days failed, had to go to the police station for help 27. The police investigation found that Lili was 7 pm in the construction of road Carrefour supermarket near there, then disappear without a trace. 27 police station with Ms. Chen came to the video investigation detachment. Due to the specific time is not clear Lili appeared in the supermarket, the police had to watch the surrounding one by one of more than and 20 probes, for more than 4 hours, finally found a clue, 3 points in the afternoon, Lili wandering alone in the supermarket nearby, then in the Sanyang road and Hongkong Road, a wandering back…… 4 days and 4 nights, even Ms. Chen has been feeling a little desperate, but the police are not discouraged, has adjusted to see the more than and 600 monitoring probes, interception of more than 170 video screenshot. The morning of September 12th, after repeated study, think Lili may well in the pedestrian street of Jianghan Road area. So with Ms. Chen and his family came to the pedestrian street of Jianghan Road, Ms. Chen and his family finally found near Wuhan still wandering daughter.相关的主题文章: