The king’s death, the impact on Thailand zhuxianduowan

The king’s death, the impact on Thailand? Original title: the king died, the impact on Thailand? Author: Qian Yuan source: public number "money outside the media notes" in October 13th, the death of King Bhumibhol, Thailand,, causing widespread concern in the world of public opinion. At the age of 89 year old king Bhumibhol, American born, Swiss school, ascended the throne in 1946, in the seventy year period, the government has experienced more than 20 prime minister, met 19 military coups, revised 17 constitution; Thailand also from a traditional backward agricultural country into an agricultural industry and the tourism industry is relatively developed middle income country is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after indonesia. The moral power of Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, the king from the law and has no real power, but because of historical factors, as well as king Bhumibhol’s "personal character and charm of Thailand", the whole nation has added to his love, he also enjoys absolute moral authority and social prestige, an important force in Thailand has become a symbol of unity and to maintain stability in Thailand. One of the most symbolic, is a picture appeared in 1992. In May of that year, the war between the military and the demand for democracy, a large-scale conflict, resulting in more than and 40 deaths and more than and 600 people were injured, known as black May". In the situation of stalemate, the king summoned in the palace army chief Suchinda and protest leader chamlong, two people knelt before the king, the king of the state is all the people "," you know only to beat each other, but let the people suffer, what is worth showing off?" The rebuke. The situation in Thailand has been calm. This picture becomes king Bhumibhol is Thailand social annotation of "Dinghaishenzhen". In fact, in many situations later turmoil, it is because of the various forces in any case competition, but because of "love our king", and eventually be able to compromise. Now, the king had died of noble character and high prestige, the Thailand society if it meets the crisis, who will have to resolve? This fear is not urgent problem in recent years Weakness lends wings to rumours., but the king of Thailand health deteriorated people have considered. To be more specific, the current social situation in Thailand is fundamentally antagonistic, and in recent years, the confrontation, and the nature of the confrontation over the past few decades, may lead to social unrest. In the past few years, just because the king alive, so the two sides did not tear down face. Why the new political ecology of the potential crisis is particularly serious? From the perspective of political ecology in Thailand. Most of the time, King Bhumibhol’s reign, Thailand’s political elite is mainly traditional (Royal Court, army) and middle class city (mainly in Bangkok) political and military coup in twentieth Century, is mainly the result of the struggle between them, of course, these are not a coup against the Royal family. In the political struggle, the majority of farmers in rural areas more like none of my business. This situation to the end of 1990s, due to the emergence of Thaksin has undergone major changes. He was born in the business letter after the police, then, to wealthy into politics. The most important Wei he launched political letter相关的主题文章: