The spirit of the Red Army + hard work to create a precise path to the village of poverty alleviatio 9c8814

The spirit of hard-working and innovative new network + Red Star Village Road in Chinese precise poverty Taiwan network September 13th news (reporter Chen Jiahui) "the Party leadership of the Red Army was on the long way, is to give people a happy life China poor." Lushan County Longmen Township Hongxing Village Party Secretary Su Fengming understand the spirit of the red army. To overcome difficulties, innovation, efforts to make people live a good life, to live a good house, Hongxing Village Cadres for many years in this way to inherit the spirit of the long march. September 11th, the long march on the road off the network media, go to change the theme of the delegation went into the red village located on the north side of Lushan county. Historically, the economic base of the village is weak, high dependence on traditional agriculture, lack of development potential. In 2013, 4? 20 earthquake hit at the epicenter of the Red Star Village, the village almost every family affected by a large number of villagers to poverty tolls, tolls back into poverty. 2015, after two years of reconstruction work, the gradual improvement of the Red Star Village infrastructure, the villagers live in a good house, but the problem has not been fundamentally solved poverty. Precise identification, the village still have 22 poor households, poverty population of 61 people. In view of this situation, the village cadres to lead the villagers to carry out a campaign of poverty and open up a fresh outlook. "The road of industrial poverty alleviation on programs, in-depth understanding of the situation, made out of poverty" bull ", this is the village first secretary He Ping took office in September last year at the beginning of a goal for himself. He Ping and the village committee cadres visited by poor households, open forums, chats etc., meticulous search for the causes of poverty. He Ping found that the villagers to agricultural production, the lack of appropriate industry support, is the biggest stumbling block for Red Star village poverty alleviation road. After repeated research, He Ping will look to the breeding business, money, chicken industry". Since 2014, the money down the chicken industry in Hongxing Village built up a seat and two central ecological field hens egg collection line, the company has nearly 600 thousand number of laying hens, egg market strong demand. According to the actual situation of enterprises and the villagers, He Ping put forward the idea of industry poverty alleviation programs ". The village committee and the charge of chicken industry many times to communicate, to determine the company + cooperative + farmer cooperation with enterprises. The chicken industry will lend money down and keep hens farmers, free training cultivation technology, after the egg with every 8 cents a minimum purchase price, solve the farmers "raise is not good, do not sell off" problem. Farmers adopt a layer to pay 50 yuan deposit to the enterprise, many poor households bear. The village committee and the rural credit cooperatives actively coordinate with small loans to solve the problem of deposit. Since last year, the village has 32 households as "borrow" farming households, each household 400 chickens, the annual income of nearly 40 thousand yuan. After initial success, the Red Star village plans to expand the scale of the year to about 300. Long combined with the road of poverty alleviation is not a simple blood transfusion, to nurture hematopoietic function, not only to grasp the short-term projects, the length of the combination of scientific development." He Ping believes that the breeding cycle is short, quick, is an effective way to quickly get rid of poverty, but not from epidemic prevention, price, business and other risks. Farmers’ ability to resist risks is low, such as relying solely on breeding industry, easy to encounter losses相关的主题文章: