There is always a coat to put your imperfections zngay

There is a coat can put your imperfections in the eyes of many people, is a clothing coat cover 100 ugly, to wear a body, each part of the meat you disappeared. But for some people, such as short, plump body, face large, the choice is often not so arbitrary coat. Today, we are aiming at the 3 prevalent in Asian girls in a short board, to see what kind of coat can make you not perfect just perfect position. The body is short and short – cocoon coat, A style coat Russian fashion blogger Duma is a typical small, we take her as an example. The petite girl gives a lovely feeling, and cocoon coat just cater to the exquisite feeling, it has no waist, not deliberately put on the lower part of the body to be divided, profile against fat people are more lovely, can maximize fat contact. Small font A coat and cocoon coat, no waist, petite version is also very suitable for girls, especially girls, looks very sweet. There is a girl, although a short but short legs, in addition to the above fuzzy waist belt can be used "coat, a long legged le. (the premise is wasp waist, ride on thin) belt, autumn and winter this year, this ultra wide waistband is more fashionable, and with very high color coat. However, the practice of wearing a belt is limited – thin coat, thin inside, thin waist. Want to look good proportion, can do the download. The method is to wear high waist pants waist skirt, then open to wear coat. In particular, the more regular straight coat type, for small girls, open to wear better than the Department buckle. There is a more simple choice, is the direct selection of oversize coat, the whole person wrapped inside, only to reveal a small ankle, with thick soles. Although small, but Meng meng. (the Jolin) – open to wear coat plump body objectively speaking, is not a petite limit. But for the full type of girls, in the coat on the choice especially need to polish his eyes, because accidentally becomes overwhelming, in a threatening manner. In fact, plump girls only need to follow a – – inside the show thin &. There are more than one way to make the show thin, the easiest way is to wear black from head to toe like Adele. The reason to be open to wear because the coat is relatively thick texture, fasten the words will make the fullness of the upper body more heavy. Also, if you don’t have a waist, don’t try to use your belt. Two laps around the neck scarf better (scarf color and coat with contrast), while also increasing the level of warmth.相关的主题文章: