There will be cold air coming in in Henan, and the temperature will drop by 4 to 6 degrees-vidown

There will be cold air in Henan today, the temperature drops by 4 to 6 degrees, the Mid Autumn Festival is coming to an end, the weather is pretty good. Only 17 days, our province was controlled by warm ridges, and it was muggy in the daytime. But this small hot situation is coming to an end, there are 18 horizontal trough with cold air southward rotation in our province, affected by the 18 to 19 days, our province near the Beijing Guangzhou line and east around 4, northeast wind gusts to 5 to 6, the province’s highest temperature decline in the previous 4 to 6 degrees. In addition, there are many low trough shear line activities in recent days, and there are more cloudiness in the western and northern part of our province, and there are showers locally. Other areas are cloudy to sunny. 18 days, north of the Yellow River and Sanmenxia, Luoyang two areas cloudy to cloudy, some areas have showers, thunderstorms; other areas cloudy. East wind from 2 to 3, northeast wind about 4, part of the gust of 5 to 6. Minimum temperature: 16 to 18 degrees in western mountainous areas, 18 to 20 degrees in other areas. Maximum temperature: 25 to 27 degrees in the West and North, 27 to 29 degrees in other areas. 19 days, cloudy and cloudy in the West and southwest, showers in some areas; cloudy in other areas. 20 days, the southwest, South cloudy cloudy day; other areas cloudy to sunny. From 18 to 19, affected by cold air, there are about 4 northeast wind near the Beijing Guangzhou line and the east of the province. In some areas, the gust is from 5 to 6, and the highest temperature in the province is 4 to 6 degrees lower than the previous stage. Zhengzhou: 18 day night to 19 day: cloudy, 18 degrees to 24 degrees; 19 night to 20 day: sunny to cloudy, 17 degrees to 24 degrees.

今起河南将有冷空气来袭 气温下降4到6度中秋假期到了尾声,期间的天气还算不错。只是17日我省受暖脊控制,白天稍显闷热。不过这种小闷热状况即将结束,18日有横槽携带冷空气旋转南下影响我省,受其影响,18日到19日,我省京广线附近及以东地区有4级左右东北风、阵风5到6级,全省最高温度较前期下降4到6度。另外,近几日高空多低槽切变线活动,我省西部、北部云量较多,局部有阵雨。其它地区多云到晴为主。18日,黄河以北和三门峡、洛阳两地区多云到阴天,部分地区有阵雨、雷阵雨;其它地区多云。全省偏东风2到3级转东北风4级左右,部分地区阵风5到6级。最低温度:西部山区16到18度,其它地区18到20度。最高温度:西部、北部25到27度,其它地区27到29度。19日,西部、西南部多云间阴天,部分地区有阵雨;其它地区多云。20日,西南部、南部多云间阴天;其它地区多云到晴天。18日到19日,受冷空气影响,我省京广线附近及以东地区有4级左右东北风,部分地区阵风5到6级,全省最高温度较前期下降4到6度。郑州市:18日夜里到19日白天:阴天,18度到24度;19日夜里到20日白天:晴天转多云,17度到24度。相关的主题文章: