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Urban transformation of the existing railway please advice intends to set up 9 stations is about 21.19 km east of Yichang creek tower comprehensive transformation of existing railway to start soon, and a public travel related rail transportation will emerge. What do you think should be done to transform the railway across the main city? Commissioned by the municipal government, the city to promote the New District Office, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the city rail transit investment and Development Co., Ltd. jointly solicit opinions from the community on the construction of the project. Why change in Han Yi railway, Wanzhou railway and YiChang East Railway Station after the completion of the opening, crow should line and the Yichang old station has been idle, only for a small amount of railway freight, filthy obvious to people not coordinated with, Yichang city construction. Yichang from 2013 began planning the existing railway reconstruction using the section, and the municipal leaders repeatedly led with the Wuhan Railway Bureau on the railway cooperation with talks has been determined by the municipal government long-term lease of Wuhan Railway Bureau Railway Assets, and signed a cooperation framework agreement with. The prospect of how the city railway construction office official said, the construction of existing railway comprehensive transformation of urban traffic engineering, can make full use of existing railway idle transport corridors and valuable land resources. Through the analysis of the environment along the railway comprehensive renovation, change the current situation of chaos. Also be driven along victory road three, the Yellow River intersection, level crossing transformation, eliminate unsafe hidden danger of residents, more important is to provide a new convenient and environmentally friendly public transportation for public travel and foreign tourists. In addition, after the completion of the project is conducive to land development along the line, stable passenger flow will bring some economic benefits, such as tickets. What plans to build the project along the proposed 9 stations, the design speed of 60 km. Diesel locomotive traction, custom travel car, loaded with 900 people. Daily issue of 39 pairs of trains (78 times), peak every 20 minutes. Daily traffic is expected to be 34 thousand and 200 passengers. Estimated total investment of 1 billion 474 million yuan project, construction period of 18 months. People who have better opinions and suggestions on the renovation project, can contact with the railway construction office by e-mail, fax, letter (Tel: 0717-6255228 e-mail: ycgdjt@163) scan code "Chu Yichang", to understand the latest information!相关的主题文章: