Young Curve Wrecker graduate LU Haitong enlisted to the military exercise w32dasm

"Young Curve Wrecker" graduate LU Haitong enlisted to the military exercise "good man, go to the army." Military life has been longing for young people, the city’s aspiring young people have been wearing a large red flowers, set off to camp. Recently, in the town of West Lake recruits to bid farewell to the scene, a man named Lu Haitong, he recruits the eye-catching, with tall and burly, is the eyes of the students, Curve Wrecker". Just graduated from the professional life sciences Changshu Institute Of Technology Lu Haitong research, this year has been admitted to Yang agricultural college students. "I want to be a navy blue suit, wearing a white navy against the wind and the waves." When applying for registration, Lu Haitong told his vision. Eventually, he got his wish, to the East China Sea Fleet service. Ask a reason, Lu Haitong said, on the one hand, he had a military complex, soldiers walking upright, voice loud and clear, all flowing positive energy, is her example. On the other hand, he is a positive response to the call of the motherland, and his life force will become another exercise ideological character, military capabilities and cultural melting pot, university. Lu Haitong’s mother told reporters, son of enrollment candidates parents heart has two ideas. One is from small to large, home to Lu Haitong care a plus, afraid that he can’t eat bitter in the army. The two is to hope that after graduating from graduate students in Yangzhou or nearby cities to find a good job, good care of each other. Lu Haitong told reporters, to the military exercise, is to give youth a hot blooded reason. His words touched the parents, they respect and support the choice of his son.相关的主题文章: